Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet The Neighbors: Part 4

Today's neighbor in our MTN series is Get The Scoop, Main Street's very own creperie, smoothie, and ice cream bar. Here you can satisfy your cravings with a great selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner crepes. It's also the perfect spot to bring a date and share a banana split (made from Portsmouth's own Annabelle's Ice Cream). Friendly service, delicious sweets, and old cartoons are always at Get The Scoop. You'll love it! Kick back, have a banana nutella crepe (my favorite, but they're all awesome) and watch old episodes of Popeye.

Neighbor: Get The Scoop (80 Main Street).

Type of business: Creperie, Smoothies, Ice Cream

Years Running: 3

Name: Laura Martin

How did you get into this line of work? I have always been in the service business, whether it be at a restaurant, as a banquet server, or bar tending. I wanted to specialize in crepes, and the space was available, so my fiance and I grabbed it!

Something special your business does (weekly/monthly events, community service, etc.): We offer all-you-can-eat sweet crepes for $5 Monday-Friday, and we also donate to a few local programs.

What's your favorite thing about Newmarket? The people here are great! It's a very unique community.

If you could add any type of business to Main Street, what would you choose? I'd welcome anything special that would entice folks from out of town to shop here. I think the Mill renovations will eventually do a good job at this.

You find a genie's lamp and he grants you 1 wish. What do you wish for? Kitchen renovations would be great! 

Describe or draw your dream bicycle: I'd love some sort of 3-person tandem bicycle so that my family could ride together!

I couldn't help asking Laura what the record was for the most crepes eaten in one sitting of all-you-can-eat crepes. The number is 9. Think you can beat it? Head to Get The Scoop and give it a go! Make sure you show up with plenty of room in your stomach (and maybe some room in your day for a nap too).


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Mike said...

How about some bike and shop pics? We get it; your neigbors are cool, but we need see your new operation.