Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Morning Crush: Titanium Planet Cross

Monday morning... As the coffee settles into my bloodstream and the bleary world comes into focus I have a vision. A vision of a bad-ass shotpeened titanium cyclocross bike!
Decked out with a SRAM Rival gruppo, Chris King headset and some handbuilt wheels with Chris King hubs and Mavic OpenPro hoops.
The stock hoods were replaced with some green Hudz.
Top tube cable routing is key for cyclocross bikes, it keeps all of the cables and cable stops out of the way when shouldering the bike.
A close look at the shotpeened surface reveals some sweet welds.

On this bike we used some dual-purpose dropouts called "High School Dropouts". They make it so you can run the bike as a singlespeed or with gears.
And, once again, it's topped off with some sterling silver up on the grill.


Don H. said...

Looks beautiful! I love the green headset and hubs. My next bike will probably be an IF titanium Crown Jewel.
Does IF not do the downtube gusset on Ti frames?

Indy Fab said...

The only titanium bike we gusset is the Ti Deluxe.

Jenny's Pluto said...

who at the shop welded this frame?

nabe said...

"High School Dropouts" It is very good.

mtnbkrphil said...

Beautiful. Nuff said.

Dan O said...

Wow. Crazy nice.

joannakrupa said...

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