Friday, April 2, 2010

Titanium Deluxe :: Lefty :: Circa 2007

Headed to Portland for some racing with Molly Cameron of Portland Bicycle Studio, our newest fit studio on the west coast. GO MOLLY!!!


hunter said...

that looks like such a great bike. I'm so happy to see it gets used too.

Prez said...

Wait is Molly riding for IF on mtbs? How awesome is that for her! Sweet!

Beginner Cycling said...

Great looking bike! I like the 5 speed 29'er also.

Fat Chance said...

Molly rocks.

saim said...

I’m still not really certain how much I agree with you on it all. I subscribed to your rss feed though and will certainly keep following your writing and possibly down the road I may chime in once again in much more detail.

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