Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SSR :: XCr :: Stainless Road

Columbus XCr stainless steel has got to be the best tubing to come out of Italy since... I don't even know when.

It makes for a light weight, super robust and shiny as all hell frame. The shiny qualities of the stainless make for frame details that hearken back to the days of chrome.

But this frameset is anything but a throwback to vintage performance. The SSR is 100% modern and some could even argue that it is on the cutting edge of custom performance race bikes.

- t.e.


Matthew said...

I am loving my new SSR XcR. In fact I am going riding right now. You guys rock! Keep up the good work.

MM said...

I need 5 minutes to be alone now...thanks!

Daisuke said...

hey Tyler, is the green, Delorey Green?

Jeff said...

That's my baby. The green is called Candy Absinthe. It looks even better than the photos.