Thursday, September 23, 2010

TiFLW :: V1 :: BAHBE

Our first prototype of the new Titanium Factory Lightweight is nearing completion. The plan is to have it ready for the Boston Area Handmade Bicycle Exhibition (BAHBE) tonight.

Sadly this first prototype will have a short but exciting life. After the show it will be raced for 2 days, taken apart and sent out for destructive testing next week. My feeling is that it will not only survive the tests, but it will destroy the testing machines and come back to us ready to kill it in some more races.

Luckily the second prototype (V2) is not far behind. It has been welded and is scheduled for completion next week. The V2 prototype is pretty much going to blow peoples minds. It will be so aggressive and intimidating that people will run in fear.

This bike will be positioned as one of the most evil race bikes that we have ever made. It will punish and it will destroy, and it won't be gentle.

See it, tonight only, at BAHBE.... or just wait for V2.

132 Brookline Ave.
Boston, MA 02215

Starts at 7pm.

Something wicked this way comes.

- t.e.


Anonymous said...

I think that is my wife when she finds out I want another new IF!

fish said...

This is the FIRST bike with any carbon tubing that I have ever lusted after. STUNNING!

Anonymous said...

When are you guys thinking they'll be available for sale?

Indy Fab said...

We will have a better idea when we will be selling them after the frame is tested. Hopefully soon.

Kevin said...

Two road tests done. It rocks my socks. Killer bike. More testing to come...

Anonymous said...

Does that top banner represent a new logo (and decaling style option) for IF bikes? If so, I may need to send my bike in for a logo update!

John Mellor said...

Will you be posting a picture of the complete bike any time soon?