Thursday, January 6, 2011

On doubters and quitters

A little space
A little time
See what it can do

A little faith
Peace of mind
See what passes through

The sun will shine on you again
A bell will ring inside your head
And all will be brand new
All will be brand new

Noel Gallagher


PLR said...

Pick a new name and keep making bikes? Probably not as simple as it sounds. You guys are great, hopefully just a bump in a long road.

dicky said...

Haters gonna hate.

Matthew said...

Sorry, it has always been about the artists,the pride of collectively creating beautiful handmade bikes as a team. There is no I in team but there was in IF. Your greatest asset was not just the image of the brand but the faces behind the bikes. Happy New year.

schecro said...

Help -- am I the only one who doesn't know what this is about?

Anonymous said...

it's about this:
IF's majority shareholder is physically moving the company to NH for some sound business reasons, but IF has always been about the boston area, so lloyd, tyler, and some others quit immediately. I think the whole thing fucking blows. The initial idea, and the reaction. I have been saving for years for another IF and now I don't know what the fuck is happening. Is anyone actually thinking about the customers?

Jeff said...

I tend to disagree. No one person is bigger than the whole, unless your name is on the down tube. I consider Joe and Tyler friends and I am sad to hear of their departure. However, as an industry veteran, I can attest that there are some very, very talented, creative and passionate individuals in bike biz who are probably chomping at the bit to join the remaining group of artisans there at IF. As long as the passion is maintained and the ultimate goal remains the same it can only be a good thing. Some fresh blood and ideas can lead to great things. And as far as location goes, as someone who grew up on the seacoast of New Hampshire, most everyone who lives in a 60 mile radius of the city considers themselves a Bostonian for all intents and purposes. It may not be a proper urban setting, but it still has a lot of heritage. Additionally, when I purchased my Crown Jewel, my motivating factors was ride and build quality. It was a secondary benefit that I was supporting a local company. I'd be surprised if factory location plays that a big factor in the purchasing decision of the majority of IF customers.

Indy Fab said...

I could write on at length, but the picture sums it up... don't count us out just yet.

The old/new team is doing fine, and we are shipping beautiful bikes. Our mantra each day is to not let the future get dragged down by the past.

Laughter was heard in the factory today, and that alone makes everything alright. g.s.

dds said...

The location helped, a little. My wife was pleased to see the Somerville sticker on my seat tube. I lived in S'ville when we met but moved one town over before I bought the IF - couldn't afford a condo in S'ville.

But my wife is a UNH grad and thinks Newmarket is a cool place as well so that sticker might get me points as well.

Jesse Greening / Grant Salter said...

Okay What Ever about the change of guard. Did anyone read that FTW was their about 12 hrs ago. I still ride and own one of the first Spooky, Metal Heads welded by FTW. Probably the best bike I own. That bike has been through hell and back twice. Thanks FTW for such an amazing bike.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Wow, I was wondering what was behind the sudden exodus! Joe, Kevin and the rest of the crew (I never did make it to Somerville) have been the most supportive over the years as I raced for the Grassroots team. I guess like Shelbys you can have one of the Somerville originals or the new New Hampshire Live Free or Die frames.
Would guess some of this is being driven by the beneficial tax status and costs associated with moving out of Mass. It could have been a case of stay in Somerville and close or move and live another day. That is for the owners to determine, either way Indy Fab rules!

Easton Heights Blogger said...

what's everyone worried about? Chris Chance moved his company too and look how well that worked out.. oh, wait...

Indy Fab said...

It amazes me how unaware folks are of the actual history of Fat City, yet continue to make comparisons.

Chris Chance did not move Fat City. The brand was purchased after his business had failed, and Chris was asked to join the "new" Fat City as it was consolidated with Serotta by the same investor group.

A very different scenario than IF today.

Andrew Fleming said...

A company is a business first and business decisions aren't always easy. Employees and companies come to crossroads all the time. My guess is for those that left, that it was more than just a location change. Though I'm sure moving out of Boston to NH will save some serious money as well as give employees cheaper cost of living choices.

They're moving 60 miles north... its not like its China.

Prez said...

People freaked when IF added Ti bikes to their line up saying, "IF is a steel company!"

People Freaked when they put carbon and Ti together on the XS.

People freaked when IF came out with the Corvid an all carbon bike.

So far IF's changes have won awards, sold more bikes then ever, and has a clear new direction.

Yeah I would say IF knows what it takes to succeed. Gary only wants IF to succeed. With his focus on that I have no doubt that is going to happen!

Easton Heights Blogger said...

Indy Fab,
I know obviously someone on the 'inside' would have a more accurate picture of what really happened between Fat and Serotta back in the day, but I was wrenching in a shop selling both at the time so I'm somewhat familiar w/ it (though my recollection is somewhat spotty).
anyway, I more had in mind the events afterwards, when Chris tried to start up again in NH, not so much the Serotta relocation.
regardless, I'm just making anonymous snarky comments. in all reality, I love IF and hope it all works out for you/them/everybody.

Eric said...

well, speaking only for myself - and perhaps a few others if they agree - I think the trepidation is more wondering what kind of builder IF will become as a result of these changes. if business expediency is the primary issue, then (like any number of small family-owned italian builders) what's to prevent IFs being made in Taiwan™? as with another post-er I am saving for another IF frame, but I'd hate to see business decisions begin to cloud what is a beautiful and functionally perfect object.

Prez said...


I think this is the reason IF is finding a stable footing so that they continue to be made in the USA to the same if not higher quality then they were made i the last few years. Gary brining back former staff to help carry IF in the now and future shows a hell of a lot of desire to keep folks form the past and secure more for the future.

IF's future looks bright as long as people can see past their own nose. IF is not one person regardless of the talented people who no longer work there. There have been great people who have worked at IF and some of those people have come back. Loads of folks also got their start at IF and have become great as a result. Allow for new folks to learn from experienced ones and keep that happening.

Saving for another IF frame is the beginning of one made with qualified hands and to be honest i am looking forward to when I can get one of the new frames from the new factory!



schecro said...

Interesting string, indeed. Although (at least in my boss's view) I spend far too much time reading bike stuff on the internet, I hadn't picked up on these events. I've had an IF Crown Jewel for almost 10 years -- steel with an after market carbon frame, because at that time IF didn't make carbon forks. I LOVE the bike.

I live in Maryland right outside DC, so while I understand the Boston thing, that's not why I bought my IF -- I bought it for the ride, and because my (trusted) bike shop had amazing things to say about IF bikes. I rode lots of other bikes, including (then) comparably priced carbon frames -- the Postal Service team bike (really).

The real question for me is, what will my bike shop (or other great bike shops) say about IF when I'm looking for my next bike. Will they say that I can get a great bike for a lot less from a "macro" bike company? That I should look at, say, a Calfee because IF isn't the same?

It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Things change, sometimes for the better, sometimes not

Steve Hudson said...

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