Saturday, June 11, 2011

Studio Velo Mill Valley California :: PicFest

Studio Velo in Mill Valley California is one of our best dealers. Scott, Colin and Chris are great representatives of IF given both their passion for, and participation in, the sport. They provide unrivaled customer service and fitting skills, contribute to the community, and they design some fine looking bikes.

Scott recently sent me a link to a Picassa photo gallery that features some of their complete builds, including a few of their personal rides. It's full of serious bike sweetness, and here is just a sampling.

Titanium Factory Lightweight:

Steel Factory Lightweight:

Titanium Deluxe 29er:

A Belgian flag paneled steel Planet X:

Di2 equipped XS:

SSR with polished panels:

Scott's personal Planet X with disc brakes and S&S couplers that he rode across Cuba:

There's lots more to ogle in the complete Picassa album here.

Thanks Scott, Colin and Chris for doing what you do... you make us look good.




Tom Willer said...

Wow I love the pictures, I also want to have bike like the pictures above. I love your photos.
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Billy Reid said...

I got to ride with Scott and his crew during AToC. It was a blast, and they certainly are a class-act.

KOM Challenge said...

Thanks Gary. We so love riding IF bikes. I am currently about to race the Leadville 100 on that same Ti 29er. That bike has been so good to me and now at under 22lbs, it's ready to fight at LV. Keep posted for more fully custom builds at Thanks again Gary and the crew at IF. You guys and girls do it right. SP

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

my favorite, Steel Factory Lightweight: it is a Great bike, The red accentuates the clean lines of Parlee's TT well. My TT was delivered a few weeks ago at viagra online pharmacy. Love it. My road bike is white so I went with a play on the old Gulf Oil Racing colours and had them customise the HED Corsair cockpit a bit. I'm curious about a few things. When you ordered "custom" what did you customise, other than the colour? I note that yours is sans the bottle cage mounting and you have a vertical drop out at the rear as apposed to the usual horizontal set up. Did you go for a frame measurement different than any of their many "standard" sizes?