Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet The Neighbors: Part 1

Greetings! There's lots happening here in Newmarket, NH. We're still slightly under construction and getting settled into our new space (It's beautiful!). So far everything is exceeding our expectations.

We'd like to introduce you to a few of our new friends in town, through a short series called "Meet The Neighbors". Here we'll share with you the people and places that make Newmarket such a fantastic town to live and work in. Read on and stick with us – you'll feel like a local in no time.

Our first neighbor is Crackskull's, a local coffee and used book store. Delicious coffee, fresh baked pastries, and good music (masters of Pandora radio), all in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Neighbor: Crackskull's Coffee & Books – 86 Main Street.
Type of business: Used books and coffee.
Years running: Almost 11.

Owner: Michelle Graves

How did you get into this line of work? I was working at a brokerage firm, and I saw the shop for sale online. It was always my teenage dream (it was the 90's) to own a coffee I went for it!

Something special your business does (weekly/monthly events, community service, etc.): Aside from free counseling? We host a monthly open mic night and a monthly game night. Currently looking to start a chess night...and later a movie night.

What's your favorite thing about Newmarket? Newmarket's sense of community is one that I've never experienced before. Neighbors helping neighbors, people supporting each other's causes...all that jazz. It's wonderful.

If you could add any type of business to Main Street, what would you choose? Definitely BURRITOS :) Newmarket has been waiting for a burrito shack for years...yummmm.

You find a genie's lamp and he grants you 1 wish. What do you wish for? Seriously? This is tough...probably to open a second Crackskull' Paris...with a tattoo shop in the back.

Do you own a bicycle? If so, what kind? Unfortunately no. I was born with the balance of a child on stilts. Do they make tricycles for adults?


Jon said...

Cool segment! Hook up with Jack and Sarah at The Big Bean soon. They have the best breakfast in America, an awesome atmosphere and are incredibly friendly.

Indy Fab said...

Thanks Jon. Big Bean is on my list! I've already had an amazing breakfast and lunch there (:

Dan O said...

Fun post. Always cool to hear small business stories and about the people involved.

SarahinPiter said...

Look how cute Michelle is in the photo!!!

Arlon said...

Crackskull's is my second office. It's like Cheers but with a caffeine buzz. Asiago is my bagel of choice, washed down with a double-shot Americano!

Larry Doyle said...

Public places as comfortable as Crackskull's come along maybe once in a generation. This everyday customer hasn't enough kind words to say, except that their hiring practices may be a little suspect-am I not cute enough?

Genius Switch Studio said...

You forgot to mention the great rotation of local art they keep on their walls! love crackskulls!

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