Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Indy Fab at NAHBS 2009

Epic event. This years NAHBS far exceeded just about everyone's expectations in terms of quality.

Quality builders.
Quality craftsmanship.
Quality attendees and attendance.

There was also an amazing sense of community with an overall positive attitude. The whole thing was truly inspirational on many fronts.

Within this gathering of of some of the best builders in world there was a magical moment. Three of the founding members of Independent Fabrication converged in the IF booth. Pictured above: Mike Flanigan (ANT Bike Mike), Lloyd Graves (Indy Fab), and Jeff Buchholz (Sputnik Tool).

The Independent Fabrication booth had nine complete bicycles, one of which was an all new prototype: the first ever Independent Fabrication 100% carbon bicycle. This prototype won Best Carbon Bicycle at the show. This is a great honor for us given the high quality of many of the other full carbon bikes on display at the show. After 9 months of work we are very pleased with the results and are incredibly excited to begin testing this first round of prototypes.

Features of this bike include:

BB30 bottom bracket

Chris King Inset headset

Fully custom geometry via articulated tube to lug interface

2 piece titanium dropouts

Integrated cable routing.

More to come later on this bike. Testing begins next week.

We also released our first in a series of posters. The "Beauty and the Beast" poster of Indy Fab's own finisher Finnbarr Harigan-Anderson (posing with his girlfriend Sarah's bicycle) was a huge hit.

The poster was featured in many bathrooms around Indianapolis. Many people picking up their posters at our booth said they couldn't wait to get back to their bike shops and put it up in their bathrooms, as is now tradition.

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