Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wounded Warrior :: Final Countdown

Only a week left for a chance to win this bike! We are still trying to close in on our $20K goal and each $10 ticket helps. The drawing will be on June 5th, that's next Saturday. Enter HERE.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rapha Gentlemans Race :: 2010 :: Preparation

We had a general idea as to what was in store for our six person team the next day. We heard it was going to be a hard 120 mile day in the saddle with about 40% of it taking place on gravel roads and around 11,000ft of climbing. Burgers seemed like a good idea, even the instant grill that Joe brought seemed like a good idea. The whole thing was a great idea.

In the spirit of this gentleman's style race we would have to race together. There were 2 checkpoints along the route at which we would all have to sign in at before being able to move on. One thing we all forgot... bug spray.

Burgers= good idea, instant grill= not good idea.

But in the spirit of adventure we had to give the little buddy a try. The burgers sat in this state for quite a while before we realized that we should move on to the better, more obvious option.

The campfire with the adjustable built-in grill did the job just right.

So we proceeded to eat our burgers and hot dogs and carbo-load (beer) thus began our final preparations for the next day. We were scheduled to leave at 9:30am. Clint began to embrocate that night.

The next morning we made some coffee...
got Leah's hair unstuck from her sleeping bag zipper...
packed up the van... and headed out to find some sort of breakfast sandwich. Which we found (some sort of breakfast sandwich= gnar, gnar) along with some interesting country style decorations and fliers...

Framed chariot photographs anyone?

Upon mostly finishing our sandwiches and browsing the "store" we headed to the start....

West Cornwall Connecticut: Here we come!

Monday, May 24, 2010

European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition :: Bloomer

Check out our man Ken Bloomer at the European Handmade Bicycle Show! He starts around 1:45...

European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition - Day 3 from e r t z u i ° film on Vimeo.

Found via Kyle via Martin.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kissing With Helmets :: Team B&E

We just finished a couple of frames for our friends Brett and Edie from NYC Velo.

These frames will be ridden on their much touted cross country honeymoon. You can follow their progress at their blog once they get going HERE.

The also feature front and rear rack and fender mounts yet are still set up for use with short reach caliper brakes. We hear Brett has a work-around to make the fenders work.

Matching Lambo Green to Hot Pink checker fade paint schemes adorn both framesets.

With custom painted in graphics throughout
(including the custom headbadges the supplied for the build).

We can't wait to see these things built up and on the road.

Good luck on your trip together, may it last a lifetime.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Stations of Accumulation

Everywhere has them, some hidden, some in plain sight. They are the places where things accumulate. When you have been in the same location for about 13 years things just happen.

I don't even see the details when I look at these spaces, but today I noticed them. There are some real gems hidden within these collages.

I suggest blowing the images up for a closer look.

The fridge is a classic accumulation station. But when this fridge dies the doors get framed.

The cycling industry is like a sticker machine, it's just crazy.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sinlge-Speed-A-Palooza RACE DAY!

It was not as warm and nice as it was the day before. It started raining early morning making for tough conditions by the 9am start.

Here we are pre race.

And here we are post race.

I'm pretty sure this is Chris Wurster's Thor helmet. One of our grassroots guys. And he was definitely riding in a red cape.

Leah wrecked it.

Some friends during the awards.

Everyone was wicked tired. I had to drive unfortunately.

And here is the aftermath.

Anyways, it was a really fun race, mud or not. I highly recommend it for any single speeders. The Darkhorse guys were really awesome and fun and Niner was a title sponsor, showing off all their sweet rides. For more info and pics of the race check out at and the Darkhorse blog.

Single-Speed-A-Palooza Day 1

A few weekends ago myself, Leah, Ben Frank and Joel Bartell, two of our grassroots racers, rolled out to the Darkhorse Single-Speed-A-Palooza in Windsor, NY. It was a 25 mile single speed only MTB race which was held in Stewart State Forest. We packed up the van and headed out on Saturday. The race was Sunday so we were able to preride the course in the afternoon.

Here's our boy Ben vogue-ing for the camera.

Leah makes this face a lot, apparently.

Ben beasting it up a pretty tough climb.

Stewart State Forest was really awesome and beautiful.

More funny faces.

Leah, full bloom.

The Darkhorse guys really like the Simpsons.

The course was routed through and abandoned building at one point which was kinda cool. There was a ton of really bad graffiti. Trying to keep the blog PG so I left most of it out.

The riding was really fun, really fast, switchbacky singletrack. Perfect for single speeding. I highly recommend it for folks in the area or other's looking for fun riding. Check back for race day pics and more bloggin'!