Friday, July 17, 2009

Radly Presented: Sparky's Corvid

Q: How much does it weigh?

A: It weighs 1.1 ounces (in sterling silver) more than it could.... gotta make it legal, right?

BTW: You must click on the above picture to see through the tint to the weave on the top tube... in certain lighting situations (like in our photo studio, or in the sun) the tint really pops.
Kevin (AKA Sparky) is Indy Fab's lead frame designer and super fast racer. He and his brand-spankin'-new Corvid are on their way to Bend, Oregon for the Elite Road National Championships. He will be rendezvousing there with the rest of the IFracing team who drove out in the super-duper IFracing suburban. Good luck fellas!

The Indy Fab logos are nothing but clearcoat showing through to the carbon fiber beneath... subtle elegance.

Notice (below) the chain radly crossing over the chainstay? So sweet.

All that power transfer, such a tiny chain....
Bikes are so cool.

Sparky doesn't know it, but i named his bike Radly... Can I do that??... I think so.


Kevin said...

ooh, Radly, I like it. Way to name it man-style.

Cascade's first and the big goal. As of now not sticking around for nats, but it's not certain. Maybe you can petition for two weeks' vacation?

Anyway, this bike's rad.

hifimaven said...

Wow, this bike is stunning! Can one order a custom yet? I don't see it on your site.

Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

This may be the only bike I would trade my Ti Crown Jewel for...Great frame. Great work. Thanks for keeping the bike lust juices going...

Have you guys sponsored a new chick MTB racer on the National circuit?

Kevin said...

Glad you all like it, people have been falling all over it in person. It is indeed ready to order.

Frenchy, we're now sponsoring Katie Compton and pretty proud of it. She's wicked fast.

GTL said...

Robbie is going to be so jealous of your new bike. He needs to get one so he can become part of your wolfpack and then your wolfpack will now be two, because it was one. And if Jerome and Emerson got them your wolfpack would grow by two more.

Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

Good job on sponsoring Katie- That is great. A good gal and a great racer.