Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend Crush: Contrasto XS

Shipping out today is an XS with painted titanium lugs (2008 special color Tokyo Pearl), clearcoated carbon fiber (made exclusively for us by EDGE Composites) and white script decals. The black and white motif is really timeless and sets off the lug design quite well.

The carbon fiber EDGE 2.0 fork has a black painted-in crown wrap on each blade.

Each titanium lug is laser cut by our pals at LaserServices. The carbon fiber tubing and rear monostay are both made to our specifications by EDGE Composites.

We take the lug parts and cut them, one at a time, to fit together. We then TIG weld them together, creating a completely custom lug. After welding all of the lugs together the parts are sent out to the Metal Improvement, our shotpeening facility. Upon receiving the lugs back from "The Peeners" (as we lovingly refer to them) we set up our frame jig and bond the lugs to the carbon fiber tubing and monostay. At this point they look like this:

The frame then goes to the paint department where the luscious paint gets sprayed...

The final touch.... 1.1oz of sterling silver.


Andreas "A'et" Hansen said...

Oh My God, what a wicked creature.
Sex on Wheels, in other words..

I want one too,
with big fat Edge Carbon rims and a Sleek DuraAce GroupSet..

Kudo's all the way from Denmark, Europa
Andreas, Valby

Indy Fab said...

You just wait until you see it built up! It'll be your dream come true. EDGE rims and new Dura Ace are on the menu!!

E said...

holy shiznit!

Svelte Cycles - Product Reviews said...

can you guess what shop that is for?

Anonymous said...

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