Friday, January 29, 2010

Everything is going to hell...

The winter here in Boston is really taking its toll on our bike parts. Here we have Jon Bruno's (captain of the IFracing team) winter commuter. He came by the shop yesterday and in keeping line with some recent posts of "bikes in distress" we had to document it.

This is the second 953 stainless steel bike we ever made as a prototype many years ago. Jon has been riding it pretty much from its conception.

The frame is holding up nicely, but the parts.... not so good.

The bolts are seizing and anything that can corrode, is.

Luckily the frame is made out of stainless steel.

Grime and filth permeates anywhere it can.

These toe clips have seen better days... Yet they are such gorgeous specimens.

It's even growing some hair, as evident by this detail shot just under the seat stay bridge.


John Don said...

well, that is real-world, long-term proof of the corrosion resistance of 953 SS...

Dan O said...

Great comparison of the wasted parts and how well the SS frame holds up.

Makes me dream of a SS Club Racer. If you have any 56cm spares just laying around - feel free to send one over. Ha!

Anonymous said...

what shade of green is that?

the stainless steel is so impressive...wishing for a mtb stylee to be released one-day hey?...

cheers, j