Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HadleyClay :: Limited Edition :: IF Mugs

The new HadleyClay mugs are in. Just in time for Hot Toddy season!

We ordered 36 mugs, each one was handmade and no two are alike.

Pick yours up in the IFStore. When they sell out they are gone!

Hadley has documented the making of these mugs and will be posting process picture and stories on the Hadley Clay Blog. Check it out soon for "the making of" postings.

Handmade in the USA by my sister: Hadley.

'Tis the season to support your friends and family.



tristan said...

I love the Onza Porcupine tread on the bottom!

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Being a connoisseur of the hot toddy this is a must have, can't wait to try mine out.

Anonymous said...

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