Thursday, November 18, 2010

Titanium Deluxe :: Paint :: Transition

Sometimes its all about the line.

And sometimes it's about the transition.

- t.e.


Bianchista said...

oh my!

dicky said...

No full shot?


Tyler said...

No full shot, sorry. As soon as the bike was out of paint it was picked up personally by the customer (long drive from Montreal). They dropped off some beer and were just about to leave when I pulled off a last minute hand-held photo shoot. It was shot at arms length with a 35mm lens... so I only had so much focal distance to play with.

And... to make a long story longer: the shop got inundated with dust due to a major building project going on just outside our door so the photo studio is currently covered in a fine (yet chunky) layer of dust. As soon as I get a bunch more bikes welded for you fine people I'll get back into the studio for major cleaning session.

dicky said...

Sounds like a conspiracy.

Rodd Heino said...

the question is HOW did you like the beer?
oh the bike is built up right here next to me and it looks FINE!
rodd from
(no not mine sadly)

Indy Fab said...

The beer... ruled.

Anonymous said...

Really love the color combo. Are those standard colors? Sprout green, garden green and baby blue pearl?