Friday, November 13, 2009

Gahden Green 29'er

Finn's new 29'er singlespeed... new frame with his old sweet parts on it. Instead of the normal gloss clearcoat, Finn asked Clint to apply a matte finish. This gives the frame a real soft look and beckons your hand to touch it.

The frame is painted Gahden Green and the logo treatments and masked elements are painted in Quetzal Green. The green on green makes for a bike that looks.... well, green. We had hours of fun around the shop asking Finn "what kind of frame is that, I can't tell", to the point at which I think he actually got mad. Ahh.. the joys of torturing a comrade, there really is no better fun.

Detail of our rigid fork's disc brake tab.

Stainless steel slider dropouts with polished faces and reinforcement strut.


Anonymous said...

What is the stainless piece located between fork crown race seat and headset race?

Kevin said...

It's an extended crown race, made by Ventana. It effectively lengthens the fork, allowing Finn to play with a couple of fork build heights and see how that affects the ride.


New England Bicyclist said...

Nice paint job, at least on a screen. I want a matte finish on my next bike (or repaint of one of my current bikes). Is the paint a standard color, not so identifiable because of the cool finish?

New England Bicyclist said...

Meant to say the paint color looks nice on the screen. As you say, PPG colors don't always reproduce acurately in RGB. The paint application, like all IFs that I have seen in person, including my Club Racer, looks fabulous.