Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clint's Winter Commuter

Today's subject: Clint's winter commuter.
A titanium S&S singlespeed with a freakshow mix of parts and a dark purple paintjob with a little bit of experimental flair.

This bike represents not so subtle blend of comfort, an eclectic mix of parts from the archives and a whatever works mentality.

Before he put the fenders on he rode through some gnarly grime.... I think I see some blood in there, maybe some guts too.

Do we give Clint a hard time about his winter bike?


Does he get upset and turn his back on us?



Anonymous said...

I don't get it--looks perfect to me, except the front fender needs to be longer w/a flap.

Lucky Man said...

Nice ride, Yehuda. My grandma's bike looks like that.

Andy said...

oooh machine tech cantis?

in la la purple no less....


Georges Rouan said...

Love this bike- sort of funny but I was in the midst of turning my Planet X into something close- same bars etc- for winter base miles.

Anonymous said...

you will also get the "benefit" of being a sail and feeling like your always in a headwind.

bruno said...

I still love you Clint.

TD said...

This bike is rad as hell. Roadies be damned! I would be tearing through muddy open lots and nasty alleyways with this thing.

stephenmakesart said...

so sweet nice ride!

Fart Slot Ray said...

Logan, if your grandma rides at all, she has my respect.

For my edification, what do you commute on in winter every workday?

Who wants a prima donna bike for commuting? It's going to take a beating and you won't be going fast in bad conditions (weather, traffic) unless you are a dumb-ass.
And some of my friends are dumb-asses, so I write that with love.