Monday, July 19, 2010

Corvid :: Geoff :: Quetzal

A lot of Corvids (would the plural be Corvidae?) have been going through the shop lately.

The paint on this one is particularly stunning.

Quetzal green painted lugs and painted in graphics.

Also a little bit of exposed carbon on the fork in the form of the IF crown.

The frame is made to accept the new larger OD inset headset standard. Excuse the rubber nubbins that are holding the fork in place for the shoot. The bottom bracket is designed to work with the new BB30 standard. Look for a press fit BB30 coming soon.

All of the carbon fiber lugs are cast at angles specific to the individual build. The molds that the lugs are cast into are articulated to give us a broad range of angles, so as not to have the lug limit the custom geometry of the bike. This also makes for an uncompromised lug.

The seat post slides into a precision e-glass insert that is bonded inside the seat tube.

CNC machined Ti 6Al-4Va 2 piece TIG welded dropouts solidify the rear wheel interface. Keep a look out for the new Cross Corvid coming later this year...

- t.e.


Geoff Johns said...

Tyler, Joe, Kevin, Lloyd and the rest of the folks @'s bad ass and I can't wait to pull on my new grassroots kit and represent. GJ

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

The lugs are made of hair and lime jello. Fully custom lime jello/ hair frame. light stiff and somewhat delicious...aside from the hair.

Unknown said...

Oh anon... you are a card. The lugs are carbon fiber. Or carbon fibre as they say in other countries.

Dave said...

Ooh Francisco, that is fun to say!

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New East Coast Syndicate said...

Total sweetness, I want but am not worthy!