Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rides :: RAID and Rapha MCC

It's a bit quiet this week after all of the recent visitors and special events. Kind of like the week after Christmas.

The inaugural RAID Rockingham was a great success. We had over 100 riders participate, and the weather was fantastic... sunny, low 70's, and no humidity. There was the occasional cloud sighting, and someone even felt a slight breeze. Folks came from near and far, and we are grateful for all of the support. Friends came up from DC, NYC, and Boston to experience our local roads and spend some time together.

The fine folks at Loco Sports did a great job with all of the event details and logistics. The course was well marked and the support was fantastic (thank you to the ladies at the top of Nottingham Hill making the PB & honey sandwiches!).

Here's a slide show from the RAID:

Later in the week we had a visit from Hennie, Rapha's North American Mobile Cycle Club.  By this time the weather had turned, and we were in the midst of an intense heat wave with temps that broke 100. We still had a great turnout for a ride that covered part of the RAID route.

Hennie's awning provided valuable shade in our courtyard, along with an IF pop up tent. The building in the background is Phase 2 of our mill complex renovation project, slated to be complete by the end of the summer.  We'll miss all of the construction crews, but it'll be nice to have it all finished.

After a brief pre-ride meeting, it was hike-a-bike up to Main Street. The stair scene has got me thinking about a mill yard cross race... hmmm...

You've got to love small town hospitality... the cars actually stop and let you cross!

Despite the heat, everyone enjoyed the ride and post ride refreshments, food and Rapha films.

So, if you find yourself out on the road and get behind a 30 foot gray motor coach with this license plate, follow it, for there is sure to be a good time wherever it is headed.



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