Sunday, October 31, 2010

TiFLW :: V2 :: Wicked.

Fresh out of the Indy Fab Special Ops department: the new Titanium Factory Lightweight. Inspired by the original Factory Lightweight muscle cars that came out of Detroit in the 60's. These hot rods were defined by their high horsepower and all-out determination for maximum speed.

This is a strict racing machine, designed and engineered for sprinting, climbing and fast criteriums.

There are lots of new features packed into this model including an integrated seat mast featuring the all new IFtop secure saddle adjustment device.

Our new ISP is completely and ridiculously secure with a rider weight limit of 500lbs (all muscle of course) with bolts tightened to 10Nm.

We worked closely with aarn_wrks_dsn to do the final 3D drawings for the IFtop clamp.

When the height limit is reached a fluorescent indicator will appear in the relief hole on the back of the IFtop.

The large diameter head tube is designed to accept the new Inset 44mm headset standard.

The oversized bottom bracket shell was designed exclusively for use with the new Press Fit BB30 bottom bracket, shedding lots of weight and making it possible to stiffen the frame up considerably. This new BB in combination with the oversized head tube made it possible to use a 44.5mm diameter butted down tube. This, in combination with a few other things, delivers the maximum amount of your horsepower to the rear wheel.

Special dropouts were also made just for this model. Featuring a smaller overall size, drilled out faces and an engraved backside. Visible, both above and below, are the new single bend chainstays, stiffer and lighter than ever before.

This marks the introduction of 2011's new script decal selection. The decals are not made yet so on this bike they have been painted in. Look for them to appear as an option in the coming months.

13lbs 13oz as shown.

The TiFLW will be available for sale shortly. We are steadfastly working on finding a reliable source for the titanium tubing we need to make the head tubes. We are also working on some new fixtures that will help us to integrate this frame into our production flow.

Happy Halloween!

p.s.- Hey MADFIBER, thanks for the wheels!

- t.e.


Anonymous said...

Stunning. I was looking for a metal frame for racing next year!

Dave said...

You just made my Halloween!

That is dead sexy!

Helios said...

What size is the weight listed for?

Georges Rouan said...

I just can not think of any recent bike that is cooler than this- well done. Looking forward to seeing one in person.

Frank Eeckman said...

Gorgeous bike!

jmilliron said...

Oh God.

Anonymous said...

may i know what seat post is that?
and the size of that carbon seat tube?

New England Bicyclist said...

Wow - what a nice design! This is a beautiful racing machine!

Lance said...

want one

Anonymous said...

That is a stunning bike... despite the obvious. :)
Love the drop outs.

erik k said...

love the script logo,, soo classy

Anonymous said...

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SpeedyChix said...

CX version in the works?

qwadro_fx said...

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