Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cyclemode :: TOKYO :: Yatsugatake Studio

Our main man in Japan, Daisuke Yano, just put on a great show at Cyclemode, a bicycle tradeshow in Tokyo.

He conceptualized and built the booth himself (and with the help of a couple of good friends).

This is a singlespeed Club Racer with disc brakes.

Daisuke has also been documenting his builds in his studio.

Nice job Daisuke, wish I was there!

** all photo credit: Daisuke Yano.

- t.e.


Dave said...

Just fantastic stuff! That purple just kills!

Georges Rouan said...

The Club Racer is gorgeous- instant favorite.

Easton Heights Blogger said...

that lavender one looks SO much like the color I had on a slim chance in the early '90's.

Andy said...

Team violet?

Easton Heights Blogger said...

team violet had a pearlecent quality to it. mine was a pastel purple I ordered custom.
this IF color looks matte, pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

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