Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Disturbed :: Ti Crown Jewel

We went the extra mile with this one.

61cm seat tube length with a 68cm top tube.

Head tube length: 236mm.

We also made the fork in-house so we could dial in the ride and feel even further.

Every joint is double pass TIG welded by hand, the beefier the bike, the beefier the welds.

Lots of beef.

17lbs 14oz as pictured.

- t.e.


Anonymous said...

Holy big bike batman. You could light that on fire and have lions jump through it.

Sweet build!

mike said...

i know who this is for! his ti cross bike looks like a giant compared to my ti club racer.

and there is no protection from the wind when this rider takes a pull on the front, unless you are also a giant among men...

NSK said...

Just out of curiosity, how tall is the rider? I ride a 61cm ST and 59cm TT, and I'm 6'0 all in the legs. I can't imagine how big this guy is.

Anonymous said...

He is 6"9"

Alec S said...

Just rolled 50 hilly miles on the new beast and I tell you, it's NICE! Climbs super well and is hands free stable, not easy on huge frames.

The crew at IF killed this one!!

Thanks to all.