Friday, August 13, 2010

Pre-ride :: D2R2 :: Clint's Club Racer

D2R2 is a little more than a week away so all of our burly rides are starting to come together.

Clint's bike is a Steel Club Racer with a painted to match pump. Painted pumps are where it's at. We should really start to offer this as an option, it just rounds out the package so nicely.

A nice set of handbuilt wheels is practically a necessity for this ride. Here we have White Industry hubs laced up to some Mavic Open Pros and a wide ratio cassette.

Comfy seat.

His fenders are there to keep the evil kitten of the woods from pouncing upon his tires and fang-puncturing his latex tubes.

More to come on these evil kittens. We have a team in the woods documenting their activities now.


Prez said...

Just awesome man! Love the set up and simple beauty!

Anonymous said...

is that like a killer rabbit? get the holy hand grenade!

Easton Heights Blogger said...

real nice build. back in the day, when I was selling Serottas, the painted silca pump (w/ a Campy head of course!) was a popular option.
cool to see it again.

Anonymous said...

I have a black club racer too which would look great with that pump.

How about making pumps in custom colours available via the online shop :)

Also, could i also ask what brand are the fenders?

Anonymous said...

My sources in VT tell me teh evil kittahs come up out of the Green River to bite yer tires.

Indy Fab said...

That particular section of the ride is the scariest. There have been many reports of evil kittens in that area.

Clint said...

Axiom Paceline DLX Reflex 700c Road Fender Set

Anonymous said...

What width tires will Clint use?

Narrower wheels are great for the uphills and need a steady hand for the downhills, at least on the 2009 version of the 100k D2R2.

Have fun Clint!

Tar Arn said...

Git sum CX tars, Clent!

Anonymous said...

Is Leah going? She is my favorite... so dreamy.