Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SSR :: Rapha Racing NYC:: Cleaver

Before leaving for their bike trip across the USA on their honeymoon, newlyweds Brett and Edie stopped by our shop to say hi. Brett had his race bike in the car and brought it in for a quick photo session.

He's been racing this stainless steel bike for quite a while now and has a pretty bomb-proof setup.

IF/Rapha sterling silver badge.

He even has a little of the modern day biopace style chainrings made by Rotor, mounted to some SRMpowermeter cranks.

Sweet machine Brett! Thanks for sharing and good luck to both of you on your journey.

- t.e.


Craig T said...

Any idea how much that bike weighs as pictured?

Prez said...

IF/Rapha bikes are the best! :)

Fat Chance said...

Great bike.

stainless steel coil said...

That bike is too expensive but it is durable. Because it happen that I have a bike like that since my father bought me a bike and that was 10 yrs ago and now I am still using my bike without changing the body of it but it's not that expensive. Thats the good thing about using stainless because it last long.