Saturday, March 27, 2010

Customer Appreciation :: Studio Velo Mill Valley, CA

Northern California is a hot bed of IF enthusiasm, and most of it is due to Studio Velo, our dealer in Mill Valley. Scott, Colin and Chris at SV have been building a community of devoted cyclists based on superior product and service, and a genuine passion for the sport. Last weekend we co-hosted an IF owner appreciation event at the Cibo coffee house in Sausalito, followed by several days of riding out of the Studio Velo shop.

Inside there was unbelievably strong french press coffee, tasty treats and IF swag.

Outside, folks got their pictures taken with their IF's by a professional photographer. Here we have a future IF owner staking their claim.

We followed the coffee and pastries with a "short" ride up Mt. Tam and back down the coast. This pasty white flat-lander was promptly chewed up and spit out the back... the boys and girls from SV ride hard. They have fun, but they do it while riding hard.

Despite the compact crank, I'm still pedaling backwards... been a long winter... wake up call... time to get on the Spring training regimen, or at least bring Sparky next time so that we have a ringer in the bunch!

Beautiful place to ride, so if you find yourself in the Bay Area, make sure to stop by Studio Velo and see Scott, Colin and Chris. They'll give you a professional fit, and set you up with whatever you need. If you're already set for kit, just stop by and find out when the next group ride is rolling, and they'll be sure to ride your legs off.

Thanks Studio Velo, and thanks to your customers as well for being gracious hosts and the best IF ambassadors we could ask for.


Roddy said...

A great morning and great to see so many fantastic bikes and proud owners, next time some singletrack afterwards! Thank you for the swag, Roddy, Mill Valley

Daddy T. said...

Studio Velo is the best shop in the North Bay. Great to see them getting some props. And that's definitely one of the nicest rides in America. I miss it every day (since relocating for work).