Monday, March 1, 2010

NAHBS Postview :: Bike 4 :: Wounded Warrior Project

The fourth Bike in our NAHBS series represents a project we are working on for the Wounded Warriors Project. A complete bike (very similar to this one) is being donated by IF to help support the cause. Each time you purchase a $10 raffle ticket (HERE) you get a chance to win a fully custom, built just for you, version of this bike, and you help support a great cause that helps a lot of people.

The frame that will be built for the lucky winner will be a Crown Jewel SE and it will completely built with a very similar (if not identical) parts kit. The frame we built for NAHBS (featured here in the blog) to showcase the project is one of our SSR frames made with a tubeset graciously donated by Columbus tubing.

Help us help them by purchasing a raffle ticket. The more tickets you purchase the better your chances of winning!! The drawing will take place this summer (2010).


Unknown said...

What is the end date for the raffle?

Anonymous said...

fantastic looking bike .. got to find some more pics of it :)

saim said...
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