Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Steel Deluxe Singlespeed :: 10 Years Old

Today my singlespeed steel Deluxe bike turns 10.

This has pretty much all of the original parts on it from 10 years ago. I have gone through a few chains, freewheels, tires, chains, brake pads, and I think I had to put a new rim on the rear about 7 years ago, but my memory is a little fuzzy going back that far.

Syncros stem with the heavily sought after aluminum top cap (thanks Jane).

Oh yeah... went through a few grips too, might be time for another pair.

XTR V Brakes, Mavic Ceramic coated rims and Tioga Factory DH 2.30 tires.

Added power boost for the rear brakes via a Shimano Carbon V Brake Booster (modified with a hole to access the V brake cable anchor bolt).

XTR cranks with a 5 arm singlespeed conversion kit.

Salsa Ti front quick release skewer.

Old Paul singlespeed droupouts and Phil Wood singlespeed hubs, still smooth as can be.

She's a little bit beat up, but after 10 years of hard riding.... not too bad.

Happy Birthday! XOXO - Tyler.

p.s. Happy St. Patricks Day too.


helicopterbreath said...

my bike is in the process of turning 10. shes got some sweet scrapes and dings but its still a sweet bike.

Buck said...

I have a 10 + year old 26er that has hung on a hook for a few years now. I used those same tires for the last couple years I rode that bike.

Sweet sweet memories!

Anonymous said...

Is that segmented wishbone seat stay a one off? I don't ever recall that being SOP.

Indy Fab said...

Yeah, it's a one off.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the coveted angle Syncros topcap. I had two in my life! I tried to marry one, but she said no.


Indy Fab said...

I covet that thing.

Dan O said...

Nice bike - looks even better knowing it's well used.

I have a few bikes that I've put many years on. It's satisfying to do so - all good - and proves you don't need new gear all the time.

My list of old timers....

'86 Fat Chance. 5 years of constant use, then retired - still own it though.

'91 Yo Eddy. 6 years of constant use, then semi-retired - still own it.

'91 Bridgestone RB-1. 15 years of use and then semi-retired. I still ride it occasionally however.

'97 Ibis Hakkalugi. Been riding this for 13 years now and still gets ridden a few times a week.

'99 Ellsworth Truth. 9 years of use, then parts removed for another bike project.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Cool post - great bike.

Anonymous said...

ah solid and pure...i do admire that wishbone yo-eddy style thing...and crikey that some funky down tube! Have a nice if sspd awaiting me back in blighty bring on spring!

cheers, j

Unknown said...

hey... that's not a round section downtube, is it?

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