Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NAHBS Postview :: Bike 5 :: XS Club Racer

The final bike we brought to NAHBS was an XS Club Racer. This bike was designed to use the Paul Racer Brakes and to accommodate the stainless steel Honjo fenders that we painted and pinstriped.

The seat cluster lug had to be specially made just for these brakes.

This a picture I snapped during the fabrication showing the asymmetrical structure of the seat cluster lug.

The build: Stainless steel King cages, EDGE bars, seatpost, rims and stem, Campagnolo super record gruppo, White Industries hubs, White Brooks saddle, Paul Racer brakes, Challenge Roubaix tubular tires, Honjo stainless steel fenders, Chris King headset, Nitto M-18 rack, and a custom BaileyWorks rack bag, all mounted on a titanium lugged frame with carbon fiber tubes.... and of course a custom IF Club Racer fork.


John said...

So impractical it's practical. I love it!

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