Monday, March 15, 2010

German Prowess :: 29'er 5 Speed

David's sweet rigid 29'er sold by our man in Germany: Ken Bloomer of

(Ken has some cool stuff on his blog that is also worth checking out.)

This bike just shipped out the other day. It's amazing to see how fast it came to life.

David put a cool contraption up front to keep the chain on the single ring.

He is running a 5 speed rear "cassette" on a Chris King singlespeed hub. the shifting is provided by a short cage Dura Ace rear derailleur, pretty neat and well thought out.

He seems pretty psyched, to say the least.


Brett said...

Love the paint job. Is it a $250 upcharge to mimic that?

SSM said...

Not sure about the German prowess. Unless, it is a German prowess to have an American expat sell a bike to a French guy!

b.asti said...

This surely is a great ride David. I wasn´t expecting you´ld ever go with a geared setup, but I guess you nailed it perfectly. I rode nearly the same setup on my rigid 29er and it feels like singlespeeding with some hundred miles of extra-training.

Hunter Pinnell said...

a single speed with options

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